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2nd Stage

Due to our equipment as well as the expertise of our employees, we can offer our customers a complete service in terms of After Sales Market / 2nd Stage. We take over the maturation of the tools of our customers and, according to. Customer request, including the subsequent steps such functional sampling, measurement of sample parts, coating of mold parts, etc.

We are able to unload tools with a tonnage of up to 20,000kg and process them for the implementation of the respective 2nd stagemeasures. Our machine park enables almost a complete machining of facades in the course of making changes and adjustments.

The design adaptation of the tool data to the respective new data statuses takes place 100% in our company. Here it is still possible to perform data repairs on tool designs and article data sets. The datasets are thus prepared for further constructive as well as CAM processing and thus make it possible for ustoprovide our customer with a final dataset of the relevant tool with the respective change statuses.


Milling up to 1625 x 860 x 760 mm

Deep hole drilling 1000 x 800 x 1000mm, workpiece weight up to 2,500kg

Die sinking 550 x 850mm Workpiece height up to 450mm

Profile grinding up to 600x335mm workpiece size

Laser welding



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